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Common Eye Injuries

Our eyes are delicate, which is why eye injuries frequently occur. Although these injuries aren't always serious, they can lead to complications, such as eye damage or vision loss. Therefore, you must talk to an optometry specialist if your eye has been injured. Located in Meridian, MS, Meridian Ophthalmic Associates can provide essential eye care after an injury. 


Common Types of Eye Injury

While people are more likely to sustain eye injuries if they work with hazardous materials or are physically active, injuries can happen to anyone. Certain conditions, like dry eye, can also make eyes more vulnerable to damage. Some of the most commonly seen eye injuries include:

Foreign Body

Small materials, such as pieces of dirt and wood in the metal, can become lodged in the eye. This injury typically occurs when people engage in woodworking without wearing safety gear. Foreign bodies should be removed by a professional to prevent further damage.

Chemical Burns

Acid or other hazardous materials can cause burns if they contact the eye, so safety goggles should be worn when working with dangerous materials. In addition, if these materials come into contact with your vision, you should immediately rinse with warm water.

Black Eyes

This injury occurs when the eyelid is bruised. A direct blow to the eye usually causes it. Black eyes generally heal independently, but your eye doctor may recommend an eye exam to check for damage.

Corneal Abrasions

The cornea, which is the eye's clear surface, can be scratched. These scratches can cause visible damage and severe eye pain. In addition, scratches can make the eye more vulnerable to infection, so it's best to see an eye doctor if your eye is scratched.

Subconjunctival hemorrhage

When the sclera, or the white part of the eye, is scratched, it can bruise or cause a blood vessel to break. This injury often looks serious, but it's a minor injury that rarely results in complications like vision loss.


Some injuries, like a direct blow to the eye, can trigger bleeding in the chamber between the iris and cornea. Hyphemas are severe and require immediate care.

Traumatic iritis

The iris, the colored part of the eye, can become inflamed after irritation or a direct blow. This inflammation can lead to permanent vision loss, so it's best to schedule an eye exam as soon as possible.

Visit Our Optometry Specialist in Meridian, MS

Some types of eye injuries are more severe than others, but you should not ignore any of these injuries. Whether your eye has been injured or you're worried your dry eye will lead to an injury, contact Meridian Ophthalmic Associates in Meridian, MS, so that you can receive eye care. Call our office at (601) 483-2616 to schedule an appointment.


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