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Dry Eye

When your eyes are irritated and dry, you may have a condition called dry eye syndrome. This condition is a problem for multiple people and can be painful and frustrating. More people are developing this syndrome because it is frequently caused by being in front of a computer screen for long hours daily. More jobs than ever are in front of a computer, so more people are developing this syndrome. You could get dry eye treatment for the problem after your eye exam. To get an ophthalmology appointment at Meridian Ophthalmic Associates in Meridian, MS, call us to schedule a time. 

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What Causes Dry Eye?

A computer can cause dry eye by causing you to blink less often than you could. However, there are many causes. Several people get dry eye because they are exposed to the wind, air-conditioning, or a fan directed toward them. There is supposed to be a tear film on the front of your eyes to keep them lubricated. When there isn't enough of this film, or the quality is poor, it results in dry eye.

Dry eye can happen from certain medications, such as antidepressants. There are also common health conditions that can cause it, such as diabetes. You can help protect your eyes from many causes by knowing where the fan or air-conditioning is blowing, adjusting them, and wearing sunglasses outside.

Dry Eye Symptoms

This syndrome causes eyes to feel dry and irritated. It is likely to dry your eye if you also have mucus strings coming from your eyes. Dry eye syndrome can also cause your eyes to feel gritty, burn, or sting. You may have sore, tired eyes that feel strained and fatigued. The condition can also cause frequent headaches. Do you close your eyes a lot to rest them? Again, the problem could be dry eye. When you need a dry eye treatment, don't wait. You need an ophthalmology appointment immediately to get your eye exam and a diagnosis if you have this condition. Then, you can get your dry eye treatment.

Schedule an Eye Exam with Us

When you have eye pain and irritation, it's essential to have the optometrist look at your eyes and check for dry eye. To get an ophthalmology appointment at Meridian Ophthalmic Associates in Meridian, MS, call our office at (601) 483-2616 to schedule it for the health of your eyes. 


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