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Emergency Eye Care

We all do our best to protect and care for our eyes. However, despite our best efforts, some unfortunate things happen unexpectedly and require emergency care to prevent them from worsening. At Meridian Ophthalmic Associates, we provide our patients emergency eye care services to diagnose and treat eye problems as soon as they happen. That way, we can prevent them from worsening and potentially leading to vision loss.

Emergency Eye Care

What are Eye Emergencies?

Some problems that occur in the eye can't wait until the next day to be addressed. They call for immediate medical attention. Examples of eye emergencies include:

  • Injuries - Some injuries like slips and falls can lead to eye injuries. You may be walking on your lawn, slip and fall unexpectedly, and hit your eye on something. Especially if the injury is accompanied by severe pain, a visit to our Meridian office is vital to have your eye checked and ensure there is no significant damage.
  • Foreign objects in the eye - Mishandling of objects when working on them can make things like glasses or pieces of metal enter your eyes. While you may feel fine at that time, these small materials can cause infections, nerve damage, and even vision loss if left to stay for a long time. Our qualified ophthalmology team can work to remove those objects and restore your vision.
  • Chemicals in the eye - You should always have protective goggles when working with chemicals that may get into your eyes. But when the unexpected happens, you should rush to our office to have your eyes checked out. Chemicals in the eye may be characterized by itching and burning sensations.

These are not the only issues that should prompt you to seek emergency eye care. Eye pain, bloody eyes, eye discharge, split contact lenses, severe light sensitivity, and bulging eyes are conditions you should address immediately. We recommend avoiding rubbing your eyes. If there is something lodged in your eye, we also discourage you from attempting to remove it.

What Happens During Emergency Eye Care?

While emergencies do not require scheduling an appointment, you can call as you head to the clinic. When you reach our eye clinic, our eye doctors will examine your eyes to determine your symptoms. We may also conduct other tests like X-rays to make an in-depth diagnosis. Depending on what we find, our team will recommend the most suitable solution for treating or managing your condition.

Visit Us for Emergency Eye Care from Our Meridian Ophthalmologist

How fast you act during an emergency can make a huge difference between losing and preserving your vision. Don't risk waiting. Visit our clinic as soon as possible for quality eye care. Call us at (601) 483-2616 to find out how we can help. 


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