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Eye Disease Prevention

Vision loss can be prevented with routine eye exams. At Meridian Ophthalmic Associates, we have provided residents of Meridian, MS with reliable eye care services for many years. Even if you are not currently experiencing any issues with your eyes, it is still best to visit an ophthalmologist once every year or two. 


Routine eye exams are vital for the health and wellness of your vision and your eyes. During the exams, the ophthalmologist will not only check your vision, and prescribe eyeglasses or contacts if needed, but they may also perform advanced retinal imaging and scans to assess the condition of your eyes and diagnose conditions of the eye as early as possible. These useful tools give the doctor the ability to check for any potential health issues that may cause vision loss. 

What Benefits Are There to Having a Comprehensive Eye Exam?

A comprehensive eye exam can aid in the early detection of most common diseases, and when they are detected early enough, the chance of experiencing vision loss is greatly reduced. Far too often, people assume the doctor will only be able to provide symptom management and not help prevent vision loss. The truth is, routine eye exams do more than just treat symptoms, they can help stop potential health issues that can lead to loss of vision, and even possibly restore your vision.  

I Can Prevent Vision Loss?

The best way for preventing vision loss is with regular exams performed by a trusted ophthalmologist. These exams are not only for obtaining vision correcting glasses or contacts, they are also vital to ensure the health of your eyes.

During the exam, the doctor will use advanced retinal imaging and scans to aid in detecting potential health complications that could result in the loss of vision. Furthermore, they can help with symptom management and overall general eye health care, which will help protect the health of your eyes. 

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