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Family Eye Care

Your eye health is something that shouldn't be neglected at any age. Vision and eye health are integral to living happy, healthy lives. It's important to get routine eye exams to ensure that your eyes are healthy and that there aren't any underlying issues. At Meridian Ophthalmic Associates in Meridian, MS, we take pride in providing excellent eye and vision care for patients of all ages. 


Eye Care for the Whole Family

Eye care is important at every stage of life. Even a baby's eyes should be closely monitored as the baby's vision develops and grows. Older patients need that same attention and care when it comes to the health of their eyes. As you age, your eyes can become more prone to certain eye diseases. This is why proper eye care should be implemented early in life and maintained throughout our lives. Our eyes can change over time, and often do. In fact, children's eyes go through many changes as they mature, as do adult eyes. Annual eye exams are the key to maintaining good eye health and catching problems early. 

Smart Eye Health

Practicing good eye care is important at every age. That’s why our team offers pediatric and geriatric eye care. Our eye doctors use specialized tests depending on the age and medical history of a patient. During routine eye exams, we look at your vision, eye health, and eye functioning. We will determine if you are suffering from an eye disease, and if you have a refractive error and need corrective eyewear. It is important to commit to following an eye exam schedule and to see our eye doctors when you notice changes in your vision. Young children and babies aren't always able to communicate issues they may be having with their eyes. It's up to us to pay attention to changes we may notice in children and see an eye doctor. In addition, older patients are often prone to diseases like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts. Staying on top of eye exams will help our team catch these problems early and allow us to give you effective treatment.

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When it comes to eye health and vision, being proactive is the best approach. This requires seeing our eye doctors annually, making note of changes in your vision, practicing good eye care, and limiting screen time if you need to. At Meridian Ophthalmic Associates in Meridian, MS, our team offers family eye care services to help patients of all ages. Our ophthalmologist in Meridian is committed to helping your eyes develop correctly and preserving your vision as you age. We offer a wide variety of optometry and ophthalmology services to do this. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call us today.


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