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Headache Associated With Eye Strain

Intense usage of your eyes for long-distance driving, staring at a computer, or using other digital devices for a long time can lead to eye strain. While this condition may be irritating, it is not usually serious. However, if you are experiencing frequent headaches due to eye strain, this may indicate an underlying condition that requires treatment. That is why our team at Meridian Ophthalmic Associates is here to help.


What Causes Eye Strain?

Eye strain usually results from focusing on singular subjects for long periods of time without breaks (and often not blinking enough). While eye strain can occur with any activity requiring visual focus, it commonly occurs when digital screens are involved. Not only can the light emitted from these devices make it harder for the eyes to focus naturally, but studies have shown that people blink about half as often when looking at screens. This prevents tears from maintaining proper lubrication on the eyes, leading to dry eyes and soreness. 

The Connection Between Eye Strain and Headaches

If you frequently experience headaches during or after the workday or while playing video games, texting, browsing social media, etc., there's a reason for that. Eye strain can cause eye muscles and optic nerve to contract, leading to patients experiencing pain not only in and around the eyes but the head as well. For those who often use devices with digitized screens, these headaches may become chronic or even lead to migraines. 

How an Ophthalmologist Can Help

Our experienced ophthalmologists will begin the treatment process by asking you a few questions about your symptoms and medical history. After this, we provide a thorough evaluation through various eye tests. These vision tests will help us see how your eyes respond to light and focus on different objects. More importantly, the vision test will also help determine whether or not there is another eye disorder in the mix that could be making your eye strain and headaches even worse. 

Once we have all the information needed, our ophthalmologists will determine the best treatment for you. This may include eye drops or even special lenses that can lessen the strain on your eyes. Our ophthalmologists may also recommend making small lifestyle changes, such as giving your eyes more frequent breaks during work, consciously blinking more, or adjusting your screen brightness. 

Make an Appointment with Our Ophthalmologist to Get Eye Strain Relief!

Ready to get relief from your eye strain and headaches? Contact our team at Meridian Ophthalmic Associates for a professional eye exam today. We are committed to providing our patients the care they need to maintain optimal vision and eye health. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


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