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Pink Eye

If you have pink eye, the discomfort can affect your daily activities and lead to further complications if it is not treated. At Meridian Ophthalmic Associates in Meridian, MS, we provide eye exams to determine an accurate diagnosis and offer treatment for relief. Prior to visiting us, learn more about the symptoms of pink eye and how it can be prevented below: 

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What is Pink Eye?

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, occurs when the outer membrane of your eye becomes inflamed or infected. Pink eye is contagious, especially if it is caused by a bacterial infection. You can also often get pink eye if you have a cold, sore throat, or runny nose.

What Are Some Common Symptoms of Pink Eye?

Pink eye can cause a variety of symptoms. You may commonly experience redness or inflammation in your eyes or itchy eyes. Along with that, pink eye can cause excessive tearing and a gritty feeling in your eyes. If you notice discharge coming out of your eyes or have intense pain, it is recommended to go to urgent care for assistance.

Causes of Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis is often caused by exposure to allergens, such as pollen or mold. In some cases, it can develop from exposure to a parasite or fungus. Not only that, but eye inflammation and irritation from contacts can also lead to pink eye. Mild cases of conjunctivitis should clear up in a few days. However, if you are still experiencing symptoms after a week, visit our ophthalmologist so we can provide treatment.

Preventing Pink Eye

Pink eye may spread through contact with someone who is currently infected, especially if their tears land on you. This is especially true if their tears land on you. In order to prevent pink eye, it is important to wash your hands regularly and wash used pillows or towels. It’s also important to clean your glasses regularly and switch out your contact lenses.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of pink eye, our team at Meridian Ophthalmic Associates in Meridian, MS, is happy to help. While pink eye generally clears up on its own, we can provide antibiotics or eye drops if your condition is not improving. To schedule your appointment, contact us at (601) 483-2616 today.


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